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Universal Audio (50)

Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Quad Heritage
Universal Audio UAFX Galaxy '74 Tape Echo & Reverb
Universal Audio UAFX Max Preamp & Dual Compressor
Universal Audio Volt 276
Universal Audio Volt 1
Universal Audio Apollo Twin X USB Duo
Universal Audio 6176
Universal Audio UAFX Del-Verb Ambience Companion
Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier
Universal Audio Volt 476
Universal Audio Apollo x16 Heritage Edition
Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Duo Heritage Ed.
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Universal Audio

Universal Audio has set the standard for professional audio recording and production, offering an unparalleled range of equipment that's trusted by industry professionals worldwide. At Turnlab, we understand the importance of using top-quality gear in the creation of music and sound. Universal Audio's commitment to excellence in analog hardware and advanced digital audio plug-ins provides musicians, producers, and audio engineers with the tools they need to produce rich, detailed, and authentic sound. From vintage emulation to cutting-edge technology, this brand brings the warmth and depth of analog recording into the digital age.

Achieve pristine recordings with Universal Audio equipment

When aiming for the highest quality recordings, Universal Audio equipment stands out as a preferred choice among audio professionals. At our online music store, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of Universal Audio products. This way, we ensure that you have access to the best in pro audio gear, including high-end preamps, interfaces, and plug-in suites. Universal Audio is renowned for its Apollo series interfaces, which offer superior sound quality and onboard UAD-2 processing, allowing users to run UAD plug-ins in real-time. This integration of analog and digital technology makes these products an essential component of any professional studio setup. Additionally, our range includes multi-effect pedals that bring Universal Audio's legendary sound processing to the world of guitar and bass players, further enhancing the creative possibilities.

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Take your recordings to the next level

Explore our collection of Universal Audio products and other studio equipment and take the first step towards transforming your recordings and productions. With worldwide shipping, premium audio gear is within your reach, no matter where your music journey takes you. For those in need of flexible solutions, we also offer the option to rent equipment, allowing you to experience the best in audio technology without a long-term commitment. Dive into our selection, discover the right equipment for your studio, and place your order today to start creating sound that captivates and inspires.

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