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Electric Pianos (6)

Donner DDP-80 88 Key Weighted Keyboard Piano
Rhodes Music MK8
Clavia Nord Piano 4
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Electric Pianos

The electric piano stands as a testament to musical innovation, offering musicians a vast spectrum of sounds and styles not possible with traditional acoustic pianos. From the smooth, soulful vibes of jazz to the dynamic rhythms of rock, an electric piano can effortlessly traverse a myriad of musical genres. Its portability, versatility, and the ability to integrate with other electronic equipment make it a favored choice for both live performances and studio recordings. At Turnlab, we are eager to help you find the perfect new electric piano.

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At our online electronic instrument store, finding the best electric piano to match your musical style and needs has never been easier. We proudly offer a selection of top-brand electric pianos, including the iconic Rhodes, known for its warm, rich sounds that have graced countless recordings across various genres. For those seeking modern sophistication and versatility, the electric pianos from Nord offer a range of sounds from classic grand pianos to unique electronic timbres, all within beautifully designed, user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, we provide musicians the opportunity to own a piece of music history with our collection of vintage keyboards, each with its own story and sonic character. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate beginner, our selection caters to every level of expertise and musical exploration.

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Embark on your next musical adventure by browsing our selection of electric pianos and pro audio gear today. With worldwide shipping, your new electric piano is just a click away, ready to enhance your musical projects with its diverse sounds and capabilities. For those who prefer a hands-on experience, our showroom in Antwerpen welcomes visitors by appointment, offering a personal touch to your instrument selection process. Don't miss the opportunity to find the electric piano that resonates with your artistic vision, elevating your sound to new heights. Explore our offerings and place your order today!

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