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Arp Odyssey MK1 Whiteface
AnaMod ATS-1 Analog Tape Simulator
Nord Modular G2
Siel Cruise
Teisco 60F
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Vintage musical instruments offer an unparalleled journey back in time, bringing the rich, warm sounds of past eras to today's music. For both seasoned musicians and enthusiastic beginners, the unique tone and character of these instruments can significantly elevate their musical creations. At Turnlab, our carefully curated collection connects you with the soulful echoes of the past, ensuring that every note played is imbued with depth and history.

Discover the authenticity and quality of our vintage musical instruments

In our extensive catalog, customers will find an impressive selection of high-quality vintage musical instruments, meticulously inspected and maintained to offer the best possible experience. Whether you're looking to recreate the iconic beats of the '80s or the atmospheric soundscapes of the '70s, we have something for everyone. Our collection includes:

Choosing vintage instruments means embracing the quirks and characteristics that digital equivalents often struggle to replicate. The natural warmth, the physicality of the controls, and the unique imperfections of analog sound production contribute to a more engaging and emotionally resonant musical experience.

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Are you ready to elevate your sound with something truly special? Dive into our collection of high-quality instruments and studio equipment and discover the perfect vintage musical instrument that resonates with your musical voice. Besides our sought-after vintage pieces, we also offer a range of new electronic instruments, catering to all your musical needs. Whether you're a professional looking to add to your studio setup or a hobbyist seeking that distinctive sound, now is the time to explore our offerings and place your order. Experience the unmatched character and timeless beauty of vintage musical instruments and let them inspire your next musical masterpiece.

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