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Analog Synths (103)

Majella Audio Implexus
UDO Super 8
Black Corporation ISE-NIN
Dreadbox Murmux Adept V3
Oberheim Teo-5
Moog Spectravox
Moog Etherwave Theremini
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Analog Synths

An analog synthesizer is not just an instrument; it's the soul of sound creation for enthusiasts and professional musicians alike. Renowned for their rich, warm, and organic tones, analog synthesizers provide a tactile and immediate connection to music that digital synthesizers often cannot match. The physical manipulation of sound through voltage allows for unparalleled expressiveness and sonic exploration, making analog synthesizers a staple in the studios of those who value depth and character in their music, and in Turnlab’s product range.

Unveiling the magic of high-quality analog synthesizers

In the quest for the perfect sound, choosing the right synthesizer is crucial. Our online electronic instrument store is home to an impressive selection of analog synthesizers from leading brands, each offering its unique signature sound:

The debate between analog and digital synthesizers is as old as the instruments themselves. Analog synthesizers generate sound through physical components, offering a level of warmth and complexity that digital synthesizers, which use digital signal processing to emulate sound, often lack. The immediacy of tweaking knobs and sliders to alter sound waves in real-time adds a layer of artistry and spontaneity to music production. Furthermore, the analog signal path often introduces subtle imperfections and harmonics that add character to the sound. For those reasons, analog synthesizers are one of our favorite vintage musical instruments.

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Embark on your journey to sonic excellence with our collection of analog synthesizers. Each piece in our selection promises to bring warmth, depth, and individuality to your music, setting your creations apart. With worldwide shipping, the finest analog synthesizers are within reach, regardless of where your music takes you. For those desiring a closer look, our showroom in Antwerp is open by appointment, offering a hands-on experience with these remarkable instruments. Dive into the world of analog synthesizers with us today, and let your musical expressions take on a life of their own.

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