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Drummachines & Samplers (20)

Roland TR-727
Akai S900
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Drummachines & Samplers

Vintage drum machines and samplers have a unique place in music history, offering sounds that modern equipment can't replicate. At Turnlab, we celebrate the rich, analog warmth and character these vintage instruments bring to productions. From hip-hop to electronic music, vintage drum machines and samplers are pivotal in creating rhythms and textures that have defined entire genres. Their distinctive sonic footprint adds depth and vibe to tracks, making them sought after by producers and collectors alike who value authenticity and character in their sound.

Discover a wide selection of vintage drum machines and samplers

For enthusiasts looking to own a piece of music history, our online electronic instrument store offers an extensive selection of vintage drum machines and samplers. Adding a vintage drum machine or sampler to your setup is not just about owning a piece of history; it's about accessing sounds that are rich in texture and depth, unmatched by digital equivalents. We proudly feature iconic vintage drum machines and samplers from Roland, among other leading brands, known for their influential sounds that continue to resonate in today’s music. Our carefully curated collection of vintage musical instruments ensures that you're getting a piece with character and sonic quality, perfect for those looking to infuse their music with the unparalleled warmth and grit of analog gear.

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Elevate your sound with our vintage gear

Embark on a sonic journey with our selection of vintage drum machines, samplers, and more. Thanks to our worldwide shipping services, the timeless sound of vintage gear is within reach, no matter where you are. We invite you to explore not only our vintage drum machines and samplers but also our expansive inventory of vintage effects and pedals. Each piece in our collection is selected for its historical significance, unique sound, and contribution to the music world. Dive into our catalog today and place your order to take a step back in time while pushing your music forward.

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