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Sequential Oberheim OB-X8
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Sequential audio instruments are renowned for their groundbreaking contributions to the music industry, setting a high standard for sound design and musical innovation. At Turnlab, we are committed to providing musicians with access to Sequential's premium range of synthesizers, which are celebrated for their unparalleled sound quality, durability, and creative potential. Whether you're crafting intricate soundscapes, laying down foundational tracks, or performing live, Sequential audio gear offers the versatility and depth needed to bring your musical visions to life. Embrace the rich heritage and forward-thinking design of Sequential instruments to elevate your music.

Choose Sequential for unmatched audio excellence

When it comes to achieving professional-grade sound, Sequential stands out with its exceptional lineup of instruments. Known for their rich, analog warmth and complex modulation capabilities, Sequential analog synthesizers are a favorite among musicians seeking authenticity and innovation. Our online instrument store boasts a wide selection of Sequential audio gear. Sequential's commitment to quality and musicianship ensures that every note played is infused with clarity and character, making it a go-to brand for artists and producers aiming for the highest audio standards. Explore our collection of vintage musical instruments to find the perfect Sequential instrument that resonates with your artistic aspirations.

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Discover true synth excellence

Are you ready to take your sound to new heights? Browse our extensive selection of Sequential audio instruments and discover the perfect tool to enhance your musical projects. With worldwide shipping, we make it easy to access the best of Sequential, no matter where your music takes you. In addition to Sequential, we also offer a range of products from other top brands like Erica Synths, ensuring you have access to a diverse selection of high-quality music gear. Dive into our catalog, select your ideal Sequential instrument, and place your order today to start creating with some of the best audio equipment available.

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