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Pro Audio (20)

Rodec MX Modular "Full Tracking" configuration
Rodec MX Modular "Hybrid Performance" configuration
Rodec MX Modular "Quad DJplus" configuration
Rodec MX Modular M8
Rodec MX Modular M4+S2
Rodec MX Modular M2+S3
Rodec MX Modular S4
Rodec MX Moduler (only Module)
Rodec M 501 Preamp module
Rodec BUNK 01 - Bamboo Jet Black
Rodec BUNK 01 - Elm pearl gentian blue
Rodec BUNK 01 - Walnut olive green
Rodec BUNK 01 - Maple Carmine Red
Rodec K7 Adapter (500 to 100 series)
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Pro Audio

Pro audio equipment is essential for anyone looking to achieve professional-grade sound quality in their music production, live performances, or any audio project. The right pro audio gear can elevate your sound, ensuring clarity, depth, and precision that makes your music stand out. Whether you're recording in a studio, performing live, or setting up an event, investing in high-quality pro audio equipment is crucial for capturing and delivering the best possible audio experience. At Turnlab, our selection is meticulously chosen to meet the high standards of professionals and enthusiasts alike, ensuring every piece from microphones to mixers contributes to a superior sonic outcome.

Elevate your sound with premier pro audio gear

For the ultimate in sound quality, our online instrument store offers an extensive array of pro audio gear designed to meet the needs of both studio recording and live performance settings. Among our top-tier selections, our studio monitors provide the accurate sound reproduction necessary for critical listening during the mixing and mastering process. Outboard effects, on the other hand, add richness and depth to your recordings, allowing for creative sound manipulation. Our inventory doesn't stop there; we cater to all aspects of pro audio, including microphones, audio interfaces, digital recorders, and more, ensuring you have access to the best tools for every audio task. Whether you're setting up a home studio or outfitting a venue for live events, our pro audio gear offers the quality and reliability you need to produce exceptional audio.

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Explore our selection of pro audio gear and discover the difference high-quality studio equipment can make in your music production or live performances. With worldwide shipping, the best in pro audio is just a click away, no matter where you are. Additionally, we offer rental options on our pro audio gear, providing flexibility and access to professional equipment for projects of any scale or duration. Don't settle for less when it comes to your sound. Dive into our catalog, place your order, and begin creating audio that captures and communicates your artistic vision with unparalleled clarity and depth.

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