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Welcome at Turnlab!

We're a company based in the centre of Antwerp (Belgium) where you can find everything you need to make and record music. We're focussing on studiogear, electronic instruments and PA/DJ-equipment.

With us you get the sharpest price and the best service at flexible hours. Clients are not just a number, but we'll do everything to help you as good as we can, with heart & soul, day & night!

- Can't find what you're looking for on the site or you want a price quote? Just send us an email!
- Seen a better price elsewhere? We'll match it!
- Looking for something specific to buy or rent, our you want to sell something yourself? Get in touch: We're probably able to help!

Deliveries usually go by courrier, but you can pick up your order in person. You're also welcome for demo's, on appointment.

For the latest news, exclusives and promo's, check Turnlab on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter!


Used/Vintage Gear -- More and more of ours clients are offering us their used gear (often very nice vintage synths, outboard, ...) or ask us to track down a specific toy to add to their set-up.
If you are looking to buy or sell: Just get in touch! We have a wide collection of gear at the ready for rent!

Moog Cookbook

New Livid Controller! -- CNTRL:R is the newest controllers from Livid Instruments. Developed together with Richie Hawtin, it's a real beauty! cntrlr_front_1

Turnlab now exclusive Benelux distributor for Manikin Electronic -- Manikin is best know for their Memotron, a remake of the Mellotron, one of the most unusual and fascinating electronic music instruments. The classical design and the configuration of the display and knobs are based on the original instrument.

Turnlab now distributor for Mode Machines! -- Proud to announce that we're exclusively selling Mode Machines in Belgium. Their very known for their XOXBOX (a clone from the infamous Roland TB303) and now the new Synthlab SL1, for example. Also except some smashing repro of the Simmons SDS-range in the near future!

Mode Machines XOXBOX Mode Machines  Synthlab SL1

Turnlab interview: Aurex and the Livid Instruments MIDI-controllers -- (importer & distributor for Livid Instruments) visited Aurex, (famous for his music and apps for Ableton Live & Novation's Launchpad) to see what he thinks of the Livid MIDI-controllers and to check out his brand new creations for Livid's OHM64, Block and Code. You can grab them for free at

TL Audio : Passionate About Tubes --

Moog Music Announces Minitaur -- Minitaur is a powerful, compact Analog Bass Synthesizer that features a classic one knob per function design. It is the first instrument in the Taurus family that does not have foot pedals. At only 8.5" x 5.25" and less than 3lbs, the Minitaur puts legendary analog Moog bass into a package designed to fit seamlessly into today's performance and production environments. There are no confusing or convoluted menus to dig through. Plug in a MIDI controller or hook it up to your computer and start playing immediately. Don't be fooled by it's size. Minitaur delivers all the growl, snarl and low end assosiciated with the Taurus family of Bass Synthesizers in a rugged performance package that is small enough to take with you anywhere. Moog Minitaur

Turnlab distributeur voor Livid Instruments in Belgiƫ. -- Livid Instruments producten zijn met de hand gemaakte programmeerbare MIDI Controllers, waarvan de bekendste de OHM64 en BLOCK. Nu verkrijgbaar bij Turnlab, voor zowel dealers als eindgebruikers.

Livid Instruments

New at Turnlab: FMR -- Founded in 1997 by the husband and wife team of Mark and Beth McQuilken as a means to produce and distribute the Really Nice Compressor (RNC), FMR Audio has been in the making for years... From now on you can also get your FMR gear at Turnlab!


Sherman Filterbank - A powerful, real analogue, solid hardware instrument, with a unique sound. Built in belgium since 1996. -- A single rack, double rack or tabletop unit - Get your Filterbank at Turnlab!


MFB Synths - Get them at Turnlab -- Berlin based brand MFB - Drumcomputers, Sequencers, MIDI-CV converter and more! MFB Synth

Nieuwe producten

Matrix 1000 + Access Controller

For rent, please email with the dates you want the machine, and we'll give you a quote as soon as we can. The analog Matrix 1000 is essentially 1,000 Matrix 6 patches in a single-space compact rackmount MIDI module. It has the same synth architecture as the Matrix 6. Each of its 6 voices have two DCO's (digitally controlled analog oscillator), a low pass filter, 2 VCA's, 3 envelope gens, 2 LFO'...
  0.00 EUR
Roland JP-8000

For rent, please email with the dates you want the machine, and we'll give you a quote as soon as we can. The JP-8000 Music Synthesizer has been designed using a first-of-its-kind Roland Analog Modeling sound source, combining the fat, powerful sounds associated with vintage analog synths with the flexibility of digital technology and MIDI. Like the classic Roland analog synths of the past, t...
  0.00 EUR
Korg Trident

For rent, please email with the dates you want the machine, and we'll give you a quote as soon as we can. The Trident is a polyphonic and programmable instrument with three independent sections - Synthesizer, Brass, and Strings, released in 1980. It features 8 voices of polyphony and two of the instrument sections can be played simultaneously while in Split Keyboard mode. Each section has it...
  0.00 EUR

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